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The Pregnancy Resource Center of Cleveland County, Inc. is a locally organized and financed non-profit Christian ministry. All of our services are offered free of charge. This is only possible because of the generosity of individuals, churches and businesses in our community that are concerned about Life. Below is a list of opportunities that will enable you to be a part of this important Life saving work!

  • Monetary Contributions
  • Showers Of Blessings Baby Shower
  • Baby Bottle Fundraiser
  • Walk For Life Fundraiser
  • Discounted or donated services
  • Volunteering at the center

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    Our Challenge

    In America, millions of women become pregnant each year. For some, the news is welcomed and brings rejoicing. For others, it means fear, embarrassment and uncertainty. Pressures from her circumstances, personal goals or other people (husband, boyfriend, parents, or friends) may cause her to consider abortion as her only option. In 2006, based on the most recent statistics available for North Carolina, Cleveland County reported 1,418 pregnancies for women between the ages of 10-44. Of those 1,418 pregnancies, 242 of them ended by abortion. Based on these figures, 17 out of every 100 pregnancies in Cleveland County ended by abortion in 2006.

    Our Response

    A woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy needs a compassionate and caring environment to carefully examine all of the options regarding her pregnancy. Here at the Pregnancy Resource Center of Cleveland County. Inc. we offer practical assistance, information, resources, encouragement and Godly counsel. Our goal is to effectively address prevention, the pregnancy related concerns of women in crisis and to provide healing support for those who have experienced a previous abortion. Most importantly, we are committed to sharing the truth about Life and the love of Jesus Christ in both word and deed. Will you help us? Life is precious to God and your support of the Pregnancy Resource Center of Cleveland County, Inc. will provide many more opportunities to see lives saved now and eternally!

    Our History

    On January 22, 1973 with the Supreme Courtís decision in the case of Roe v. Wade abortion became legal in all 50 states. Up to that time abortion had been consistently opposed on both the State and Federal levels. Yet, with the decision of Roe those efforts had failed and a brand new way to address the issue would need to be found. It would be a number of years yet until a plan was developed to more completely address the abortion issue. This time however, it would be addressed through a grass roots effort forged at local and community levels. It was in 1975 that a number of concerned leaders, including Dr. and Mrs. Harold O.J. Brown and Dr. C. Everett Koop, with the advice and encouragement of the Rev. Billy Graham and the late Dr. Francis A. Schaeffer founded the Christian Action Council now known as Care Net. In 1978 the Christian Action Council began research and developed a model for pregnancy care centers, opening their first pregnancy center in Baltimore, Maryland in late 1980. In June of 1984, while the community response was still in its fledgling stages, a group of concerned Christian men and women in Cleveland County began to meet and pray. As this group continued to meet and pray their purpose became clear; begin a local ministry for pregnant women that could offer them alternatives to abortion. The group was also convinced that it was very important for this ministry to address the practical concerns of the pregnant women who would come to them for help. It was this early vision and leadership that provided the new ministry with its twofold purpose and the ministry began taking shape in early 1985. As a result of those initial meetings the Pregnancy Resource Center of Cleveland County, Inc. was born. Since our doors first opened in October of 1985, then as the Crisis Pregnancy Center of Cleveland County, Inc., our staff and volunteers have remained committed to that early vision, assisting over 4,200 women and their families with the challenges of pregnancy, childbirth and parenting. The Pregnancy Resource Center of Cleveland County, Inc. is one of over 1,100 pregnancy centers across North America that is affiliated with Care Net.

    Our Staff

    Matthew Holland, Executive Director

    Matthew and his wife Emily have been married for eight years; they currently have four children, Zachary, Lily, Timothy and Michael. Matthew began working with the Pregnancy Resource Center as a volunteer on the abstinence team in 1997. In February 2002 he joined the Board of Directors and served as the Chairman for more than two years. Since June 2005 Matthew has served as the Executive Director, overseeing Center operations, development, and community relations.

    Alisha Cummins, Client Services Coordinator

    Alisha and her husband, Stephen, have been married for three years. She attended Calvary Bible College in Kansas City and came to North Carolina in 2005 where Stephen has been preparing for ministry at Ambassador Baptist College. Alisha has served as our Client Services Coordinator since March 2008, overseeing Center programs and volunteer services.



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